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Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2003 6:41 pm
by pmw
I have been line breeding GSPs for about 15years and have suddenly come up with a bitch that fitted after she had produced a litter of pups - fit was when she came into season next. One of her pups is having severe seizures - again started on first season - so far the only one in the litter now 13 months. Original bitch is now neutered.
All my research has produced no evidence of epilepsy in my line and all the dogs except one have been doubled up on several times. Is it possible for this one dog to be responsible - he is the only one whose ancestors I am not familiar with but his owner swears there is no history of fitting? As all my dogs are related to a lesser or greater extent, do not know where to go from here - I am reluctant to start again with completely new bloodlines without knowing what they might produce! Any suggestions?