Club Fundraising

Would you like to see your club more involved in making members aware of epilepsy in your breed? Has your club done a good job on a health survey, or awareness campaign? Any novel fundraisers or other activities by your club? Please share what you would like to see your clubs do, and the things that clubs are already doing that have worked.

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Club Fundraising

Post by Liz Hansen » Fri Nov 03, 2000 4:45 pm

I get quite a few inquiries from various breed clubs who are getting involved in the epilepsy research project asking how they should go about raising funds to support the project. I'd like to see some posts from various clubs that have had some success doing this, and from those who are looking to get started - this could be a useful discussion for clubs.

We strongly encourage breed Parent clubs to establish a Donor Advised Fund with the Canine Health Foundation if they have not already done so. This allows fanciers of your breed to make a fully tax-deductible donation, and CHF usually matches all contributions when they are paid out to fund a grant, so each donor dollar becomes TWO for research. Contact CHF for details (we have a link to CHF on the "Links" page).

A few fundraisers that have worked for clubs:
- add a line to the membership renewal form sent to members to solicit donations to the Donor Advised Fund at the same time members pay their club dues.
- raffles and/or auction items at specialty shows designated for research fund
- encourage breeders to donate $10 (or more)per puppy they sell as an investment in the future health of those pups
- have some item (pin, or??)to sell at specialty weekends specifically for the health research fund and get some outgoing, persistent club members to "work the crowd" - peer pressure will build, and anyone not wearing the pin (or whatever) by the end of the weekend becomes pretty obvious!

Other ideas? What has your club tried - and what worked, and what "flopped"? Lets share some ideas here!

Liz Hansen

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Post by Penny » Mon Nov 06, 2000 11:08 am


As you know the Standard Schnauzer Club of America has been successful with several fund-raising projects.

One of the best was the sale of lapel pins (got the idea from Welsh Springers) at our natiional specialty. We made up a hand-out which explained what was happening in terms of Standard Schnauzer health research - and the need for the funding for the Donor Advised Fund. The we put a loop of ribbon behind the pins (to dress them up a little) and secured them to the top of the hand-out. Several of us "pushy" members worked the crowd at the specialty - never went anywhere without our stack of pins/hand-outs. By the end of the week-end nearly everyone was wearing the pins - we even sold some extras to people who forgot and left them in the hotel, so got another to be covered for that day!!

Another idea which worked well was the raffle of table decorations at the banquet at the specialty. Our "fundraising group" made the table decorations. Because the specialty that year was in Detroit, the specialty logo had a schnauzer in a corvette. So we made little wooden pull toy Corvette with the Schnauzer driver. (yes, we're lucky to have some very talented members!!) These were the table centerpieces. Each table then had a mini-raffle - tickets sold only to those sitting at that particulat table. So there was a winner at each table. We also had one extra car, so we also sold tickets to that car to everyone. Had a lot of fun and raised a nice sum of money!!

If someone wants additional details, just email me at


Colleen OK
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Post by Colleen OK » Wed Nov 22, 2000 1:00 pm

When Welsh Springer Spaniels were accepted in the epilpesy study, we needed to get busy and raise the designated amount and educate the membership. So as Penny mentioned we put together a brochure and sold pins. There are many companies who make inexpensive pins that can work for fund raising. We found a pin which said "Make it Happen" and added red/white/green plaid ribbons and sold them the first year our study started. We have continued to use Make it Happen as the logo for the Health committee. We did not do pins last year and that was a mistake, we would have made more money if we had. I was the main seller and even though I am not known for my salesmanship I was relentless, the need was great and the chance to elimanate epilepsy....well.
In addition we have held silent auctions of member donated work (and we have some really talented members), plus ohter donated items. My co-chair donate greeting cards which featured her dog on the front and we sold them for $10.00 apiece.
I am presently getting ready to launch the making of a quilt. People will pay to add a square and the final product will be auctioned off, probably over the internet. I am hoping that this will be a world wide effort by using the Welsh Springer list as well as the National Club. I will keep you updated as to the progress.
This is the first year that we have added a note with the dues to have people donate. I don't have the final count from that.
Hope this is helpful, if anyone wants specifics, please contact me.

Nancy Bartol
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Post by Nancy Bartol » Tue Nov 28, 2000 7:25 pm

Here's a few additional fundraising ideas:
T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and notecards with custom artwork for your breed, a breed calendar with photos contributed from owners that could also include collages of several different dogs (it's too late for January 2001 but still lots of time to work on a 16-18 month calendar to come out this summer!), and lastly, a multi-photo breed screen saver.

Plan ahead, and have your fundraising merchandise ready for the holidays and for specialities or other breed gatherings!

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