Chicago Int'l KC Shows

Would you like to see your club more involved in making members aware of epilepsy in your breed? Has your club done a good job on a health survey, or awareness campaign? Any novel fundraisers or other activities by your club? Please share what you would like to see your clubs do, and the things that clubs are already doing that have worked.

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Chicago Int'l KC Shows

Post by Liz Hansen » Thu Feb 15, 2001 3:40 pm

I will be attending the Chicago cluster Feb 22-25, at the McCormack Place. I will be at the Canine Health Foundation booth a good part of the time, especially on Sat & Sun. I will have 2 Standard Schnauzers with me to show, so I can be found in the benching area as well. If I'm not around, people in the benching area probably will have some idea where I am, and can point you in the right direction! I know I'll be speaking with several people from various clubs - if you're there, please come say hello!

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