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Electrical Pollution the cause of my dog's epilepsy?

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 8:15 pm
by Martin Weatherall
We have been suffering from high frequency electrical pollution in our home and on our propery for more than a year. It has greatly harmed our health and I believe that it caused me to develop prostate cancer. The electrical currents and high frequencies have been measured and documented by specialized consultants from Wisconsin USA. My Dog Blondie is a Retriever/Samoyd and German Sheperd mix, she is 18 months of age, very fit and normally very healthy. She started having seizures at one year of age. In each of the last three months she has had terrible cluster seizures which required emergency treatment to halt. I believe that her seizures may have been caused by this abnormal electrical situation that we are subjected to and want to alert others that this may be the cause of their seizure problems. We are aware that the same electrical problems exist in many parts of North America. A good web site to learn more is This was writen by a person with similar problems.