Differing events that may be partial seizures

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bob raikes
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Differing events that may be partial seizures

Post by bob raikes » Tue Nov 25, 2003 11:10 am

We lost a dog 3 years ago who died from seizure complications after months of treatment that didn't help. I remember some of my research but have forgotten a lot. Also, his were very violent general seizures.
We now have a 32-month-old GSP with impeccable parentage who started what may be fly-biting a year ago and in the past week has started a yawn-like opening of his mouth that is not a yawn.
The fly-biting-like behavior didn't bother me at first because it almost always took place on our front porch, and we frequent did see small flying insects. Also, he tended to snap toward his rear end, often sharply. However, the snapping, which might last 10 or 15 seconds, could seem to be toward his hips or thighs rather than his anus. And sometimes the target would seem to change.
This behavior has continued despite the disappearance of flying insects, and has moved to behind the house and occasionally indoors.
He never does it when he's hunting, which he does near a swampy area on our property that's got lots of flying things.
(Oh, we've moved, so there's no common environmental cause likely to link the two dogs. And we have 2 others who show no similar sign.)
It seems possible to distract him out of this behavior, but difficult. And maybe I just think I'm getting him out of it.
The yawn-like behavior is a bit similar to the way our previous dog's grand mal seizures started, but with differences.
This dog looks like a person with tmj syndrome who is flexing the jaw at full opening. It's quite brief. Haven't been able to tell if he maintains awareness of his surroundings.
We live on a portion of land that was cornfield until 1985. Part of it it fill put there by the previous owner, a blacktop contractor who dumped there. Part of it is forested wetlands. This dog hunts a lot on both of these areas. And part of it is turf. The dog digs a lot looking for edibles. I presume he eats subterranean insects; I know he catches occasional field mice or voles but don't know if he eats them.
So, my questions.
Besides what I've described, is there anything else I should watch for to tell the vet, who will see him Friday?
Do dogs with partial seizures have more than one kind?
Is there a generally accepted thing to look for to get a better sense of whether behavior like this may be a seizure? I'm thinking awareness of surroundings or distractability, which we haven't satisfactorily tested yet.
We're very grateful for any guidance. Losing our last dog was staggering, and this one is probably the one my wife has become most attached to.
Thanks much
Bob Raikes

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Re: Differing events that may be partial seizures

Post by bethmcclure » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:56 am

When your dog has a seizure, it can be very scary. While your dog definitely needs to be seen by a vet, these tips, and the accompanying expert advice, may help you know how to enable your pooch to recover more quickly.

Thanks mate
Beth McClure

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