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Hi new to the site

Post by narney » Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:30 pm

Hi, I am new to this site and I too, like the previous post am from the UK where as already pointed out there is little information about dogs and seizures...My German shorthaired pointer is now coming up for her 11th birthday, we rescued her at the age of 18weeks, she had already had 3 homes and the first paid over £1000 for her only to give her away, which now makes me think that one of her 3 young boys may have dropped her as GSP are not a known breed for seizures.

She started having fits after her being spayed and then they would mainly happen in the evening as she was sleeping, but they were few and far between and also very mild.

We spoke at lenghth with the vet who said she was best left without meds as they didn't happen very often.

She then started with epeleptoid cramping syndrome, which started after she had been swimming in cold water, and then would continue if she over stretched, again we could cope with this , however, yesterday she was eating her food, brought her ball for us to play with her and then suddenly her mouth splayed wide open as if it was locked, she fell to the floor and began a full blown seizure, thrashing around, drooling, foaming, at times i am sure she wasn't breathing this went on for about 4 minutes, she then lay limp, I gave her some honey in the hope it would bring her back round, we talked calmly to her the whole time but inside I was a wreck, she then bounced up and ran around falling over her paws and jumped at our faces as if in excitement but totally confused, which I am sure she is...my question to you is, is there anything else we can do ? And the vet said we could administer a rectal valium, however on reading up on it I am not convinced this would be good for her as she is very highly strung and always has been, plus she is a large dog and very strong, trying to administer the drug during a seizure I am not sure if it would stress her and us out more....
Thank fully she seems fine today, although very clingy which is fine as I am watching her like a hawk, it is so distressing to see and you feel so helpless, any advice is welcome and thank you for allowing me to join your site.
Regards S

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