Just a quick hello!

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eley's mom
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Just a quick hello!

Post by eley's mom » Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:04 am

Hi All!

I don't know who still remembers me. It has been a while - apparently long enough that I actually had to sign up for the site again because my username and email weren't even found. lol

Eley is doing well and still being a pain at times. He seizures are still fairly frequent - about every 3-4 weeks with the occasional 6-8 week stretch (but those are rare). Her neurologist has been able to get the severity of the grand mals down and she hasn't gone into status in over 3 years!! Granted, a grand mal is still a grand mal, but for us, it's our normal life with her. Instead of going into status, she might have 3-4 in a day now. From where she was, this is HUGE!
We're still only on phenobarbital and KBr. I've already discussed with the neurologist that I'm not interested in trying more drugs to try to get them controlled more. Right now they're livable and I don't think it would be worth it to try to get maybe a couple more weeks between episodes and also risk backtracking from the progress we've made. For those that don't know us, Eley used to cluster and go into status every single time she had seizures.

A lot has changed in my personal life too :) I got married last May and my husband and I are expecting our first human baby!! We're due July 12! Our other dog seems to love to lay his head on my growing belly. Eley is getting frustrated that she's not fitting on my lap as well these days. lol. Just wait until the baby comes... I'm sure she'll bond eventually, but in the beginning, I'm sure she's going to hate sharing my time.

Anyways....I just wanted to hop on and give a quick hello! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful spring weather (finally!!) and is having good luck with the seizures!
Diana & Eley
Boston Terrier (23 lbs)
DOB: 11/12/09
First Seizure 2/8/14
Last Seizure 4/20/18
Phenobarbital 64.8 mg(morning), 81 mg p.m. (night)
3 mL Potasium Bromide, once daily
Clorazepate as needed after seizures

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