New Years Stress

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New Years Stress

Post by GinaXYZ » Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:44 am


I've posted before, my dog is a now 4 year old labrador-viszla mix and he has idiopathic epilepsy. He's currently on meds, he takes pexion (? Which is the brand name, I think the stuff is called imepitoin but dont quote me on that, I can't find a proper translation from german to english lol sorry.). Recently due to the holidays and there being more noise outside he's been overly stressed and super nervous. He's a really really sensitive dog and unfortunately we can't really go anywhere without firecrackers, germans enjoy their illegal polish ones that sound like literal bombs which make the windows shake and could blow off your whole arm.

I've just been letting the dog sleep in my bed while listening to some relaxing music, I call this our relaxation oasis LOL.
It may seem kinda dumb but when I can see that he's too stressed and may suffer a seizure, this usually helps.
I close all windows and I have some lights that I can dim and they're kinda orange´and warm and I close the doors and we just chill like this. Usually he calms down with the music and feels better after a while.

The last time I posted on here really helped me deal with his disease, he has pretty regular seizures even with meds, I'd say once a month now which isn't that bad and definitely managable. They normally only last 60-90 seconds before he's up again and he's less aggressive towards me, but still pretty aggressive towards other people so I'm normally the go-to person to take care of him after a seizure.

My "aftercare" consists of getting him something to drink until he's less... drowsy, and then getting him some food and creating a calming environment, though normally without the music this time because he's very sensitive to sounds.

Unfortunately part of this dumb disease is that basically my entire life revolves around finding someone to care for him.
Right now it's my grandma who comes to look after him because he cannot be alone at all. I'm gone for roughly 11 hours a day now due to some really fucked up work schedule, and normally my schedule would compliment my mothers, who would be home when I was gone and I would be home when she was at work but now the change made that impossible and I have to get my grandma to look after the dog. It's not optimal but it works.

I never really wanted a dog, I was always super scared of dogs until I met Smi. So I've of course decided that this dog is family and I'll take care of him like I would take care of any other family member. I understand how hard it can be but with proper medication or just something to calm them down you really get used to everything that happens. The panic lessens and I'm not scared to be alone with him anymore, I know how to handle his seizures and I'm ALWAYS the calmest person around. The dog really needs the calmness.

I don't know if this helps anyone and I'm not really asking for help, I'm just rambling and I hope everyone had good holidays and that you'll have a good and safe New Years. Just here to say thanks to the forum that helped me almost exactly a year ago :p.



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