belgiam Malinios having seizure every 15 days

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My belgiam Malinios
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belgiam Malinios having seizure every 15 days

Post by My belgiam Malinios » Fri Apr 19, 2019 9:19 am

My Best friend in this whole world started have full blown seizures just under a yr ago.He is my service dog that i have had for 6 yrs now and he is 7 yrs old.We have hiked from coast to coast, He is high energy and I allow him everyday to get it all out. I cook his food every day from scratch. complete meals from recipes made for him and his high energy needs.
He seems to only have them when he is asleep. He has never had one while awake. He has also never had clusters of them. Even though 2 times now he has had 1 seizure that was short and mild followed by another short and mild seizure 12 hours latter rather than just one 45 sec long heavy seizure. after seizure ends it is followed by a minute or 2 of confusion , but an instant recognition of me in about 30 to 45 secs after seizure ends. He shows no signs of any kind with in an hour or any for 15 days till the next one. He shows no sign of the on setting of a seizure.
I dont have the money needed to have him tested for all the possibilities. I dont even have the money for a bunch of meds for him. We are homeless and that hinders alot of what i really need for him in the way of Vet. attention.He is upto date of shots. I have eliminated diabetic related things i think. originally thinking that it was insulin related. I bought a canine blood testing kit. that is when i started taking notes on his day life. eating doing sleeping and testing results. More important to me was the test results during seizures. His levels were always right in range 100 to 123 . No signs of any types of triggers or anything similarities other than the 15 days to 17 days between seizures and that he only gets them when he falls asleep.
I have also bought some Vet10 testing strips for testing his Urine for Kidney,liver damage,and 8 other things that i forget right now as i am writing this.
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Re: belgiam Malinios having seizure every 15 days

Post by SpencerBhumi » Tue Apr 23, 2019 5:58 am

Hi Belgiam Malinios,

I’m sorry that you need to join this forum, but welcome.

One of the hardest things I find with this disease is the lack of solid answers. This disease is silent, strong willed and it reveals itself quite differently for each epi-dog.

Another frustrating issue is that money cannot fix it – spending money on tests may not necessarily give you any firm diagnosis. It might rule out other causes of seizure and so just leave you with having idiopathic epilepsy to deal with – here is where your money is then spent, in trying to control the disease and reduce seizure activity.

If one can be happy about anything with epilepsy; your dog’s fits sound mild and the post ictal behavior is slight (all-be-it too frequent). We had some horrendous fits and diabolical post ictal episodes that lasted for hours. I sincerely hope that your fits and post ictal periods remain brief and mild.

It seems quite common for dogs to fit whilst asleep. Most of Spencer’s fits were whilst sleeping – day or night. During cluster episodes, subsequent fits would occur whilst awake but almost always the first one was whilst he slept – and out of the blue. It was a very rare occasion that I would suspect something was going to develop and these signs were mainly evident during a cluster event.

Triggers are another enigmatic grievance with this disease: food, medicated treatments, chemicals, stress, environment, weather, more… this list is endless and the results are often inconclusive. If you are suspicious of something, act on it – by elimination. Journal your dog’s life and its seizure activity – you might come up with something that you can act on.

The first and biggest ideal with epilepsy is to prevent seizures. The second is to prevent clusters & avoid status. Protecting your dog from secondary injury during post ictal disorientation is always important. Then you need to maintain a happy healthy lifestyle for your dog and for yourself. (I don’t think I slept properly in all the years after Spencer’s first fit).

Protect your dog and yourself but do not let canine epilepsy rule your lives – do your best to manage the disease, but know that this disease can take us to our limits. Most importantly, don’t be disappointed or disheartened with yourself or your dog if the disease does progress. By all means be angry and frustrated with canine epilepsy but do not take it personally, as an indicator of neglect or failure, because:
This disease just sucks! It does what it wants with regard to no-one.

Remain faithful to your dog. Be vigilant and consistent (as possible) in their care and treatment. Be patient and loving because your dog will need it more during those times of disorientation & confusion. When you thought they might have been your service dog, they probably knew that you would become their best ever carer & provider for them.

Wishing you both well, and know that I will keep you and your dog in my prayers.

Regards, Trevor.
In memory of Spencer 7-12-2005 – 22-8-2017

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