Newly diagnosed Basset Hound

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Newly diagnosed Basset Hound

Post by cyberteach » Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:00 pm

This past Sunday, around 5:30am, my loveable 1.5 year old Basset Hound suddenly had a grand mal seizure. She sort of lost consciousness, shaking, thrashing, legs running, drooling, and urinated. The seizure lasted about 1-2 minutes, but seemed like a lot longer. She went most of the day without another, but about mid-afternoon had another, very similar seizure. I called her Vet. He responded giving me instructions for an emergency visit if I needed to take her. If not, I was to bring her in on Monday morning for evaluation/diagnosis. She proceeded to have 5-6 more seizures throughout the night, with an hour or so in-between each. I made her as comfortable as I could. She never urinated again during seizure, and each one seemed to last a little less time. Monday morning I proceeded to the Vet's office, worrying that she might have a seizure in the car, or the waiting room of the vet. Doc saw her and did bloodwork. I informed him (reminded him) that before the summer, we had done the Lyme disease vaccine, but we spent the summer in a highly infested tick area. He found her white blood cell count elevated, and her liver enzymes elevated as well. His idea is to treat for Lyme and begin Phenobarbital every 12 hours. I took her home. She had 2-3 more seizures throughout the day, however, she has not had another since her second dose of Pheno. I had a gut feeling about Lyme disease and am wondering if she can be weaned off of the Pheno after she finishes her Doxycycline script. I am so worried about her. She doesn't seem like herself. I realize it takes some time to get used to the Phenobarbital, for it to build up in her system. What do you all think? And, it seems like more and more that Lyme Disease can be a cause of seizures, but do you think she can be Pheno free? Also, I'm new to canine epilepsy so any support and encouragement you can give will be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Newly diagnosed Basset Hound

Post by Degutis » Fri Jul 23, 2021 12:31 am

Is it typical for Basset Hounds?
Our granny had 3 Basset Hounds and none was diagnozed with epilepsy, I don't think it's a typical disease for them. But one of our friends from Australia had a 10-months old Basset with seizures repeating every 2 months, the dog was on phenobarbital all the time after they had visited Burwood Vet Clinic.

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