New Epilepsy Research Project in Melbourne Australia

Would you like to see your club more involved in making members aware of epilepsy in your breed? Has your club done a good job on a health survey, or awareness campaign? Any novel fundraisers or other activities by your club? Please share what you would like to see your clubs do, and the things that clubs are already doing that have worked.

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New Epilepsy Research Project in Melbourne Australia

Post by cforecatsmeow » Fri Dec 27, 2013 8:11 pm

I just saw this today for anyone living in Melbourne, Australia with an epi-pup. They are trying to conduct an epilepsy research project in Melbourne if anyone here is interested. If you copy and paste the following link, you will find the Dr.'s contact information. ... 6789966209
Cynthia and Epi-Winston
Black Mouth Cur Mix
DOB: 8/2/10
96 lbs.
First Seizure 6/11/13
Last Seizure 1/2/15
Phenobarbital 97.2 bid
Keppra (generic) 937.5 bid, 1125 sid
10 mg Valium tabs as needed
Liquid Oral Valium 5mg/5ml for rectal as needed

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