Temporal Lobe Rage Seizures. 18 month remission.

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Temporal Lobe Rage Seizures. 18 month remission.

Post by truckerspeed » Fri May 29, 2015 2:48 pm

Just wanted to throw a lifeline to anybody out there looking for some encouragement.

My 6 year old pitbull developed a monthly pattern of complex partial seizures around the time she was 3 years old. Her symptoms in order were, withdrawl, catatonia, confusion, intense agression, confusion, lingering agression. Her seizures clustered together for a period of up to 72 hours and occurred pretty much every four weeks. Random breakthroughs also often occured after exercise. Because her symptoms played out the way they did, we generally had a window to where we could muzzle her for saftey. She was taken to a neurologist a few years ago, and was reluctantly prescribed a twice daily regiment of Pheno. Our neurologist however was less than supportive, and we continued all follow up procedures with our regular veterinarian. At this point, six months and multiple adjustments later the pheno remained ineffective. Upon independent research, we removed grain from her diet in addition, to foods preserved with rosemary, all the way to anything that even had the weakest of links to seizures like dairy and and bleached rawhides.

Around that point at our vets recomdation, she was prescribed potassium bromide, and within three months her seizure cycle was gone. As the days went turned into weks, and weeks into months we remained cautionary, still expectant of an inevitable breakthrough, but overjoyed at the encouraging progress she was demonstrating on the Bromide. By November of last year she was fully weaned off the phenobarbitol, which was done slowly as directed by her vet, and had reached the one year remission mark at December of last year. She was also removed from a low dose of B6 supplementation earlier this spring. (Like I said, we tried everything)

She remains on her special diet, and we still keep from over exerting during the summer, in addition to this she safely remains on her daily dose of Potassium Bromide. To this point our thinking is the seizures were secondary to a grain intolerance, due to some skin flares which are also gone, but primary epilepsy could be just as likely.

Hopefully her story can help somebody else, because there weren't many success stories out there for us to read, just a whole lot of discouragement, and unsurness of what it was that we were really even dealing with.

Because of her level of agression, we did everything from placing muzzles around the house, to having her pills distributed across the house also, in the event we ever ended up not being able to access a different room during one her seizures. We lived behind babygates, slept in different rooms, walked on pins and needles, etc. So whatever it is your doing, just remember that your doing it for a reason, and that reason is because outside of those moments when you look into your dog's eyes, you know that the answer's out there, and that your dogs life is one worth living. Just don't forget that, and don't let the situation get you down. Like treating any other seizure, complex partial seizures require a different startegy for every dog, and had we still not found the answer we'd still be looking.

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Re: Temporal Lobe Rage Seizures. 18 month remission.

Post by MK's mom » Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:59 pm

So happy to hear that your pup is doing so well!

My boy has had a 14.5 month reprieve, too, and I'm soooooo grateful. He developed gingival hyperplasia which can be caused by phenobarbital, so I'm going to talk to his primary vet to see if we might try backing off on the Pb, although I'm afraid not knowing if he's on the perfect dosage of meds to keep the monster away or if his thyroid was wavering back and forth between low and normal and when it drops low he seizes. He, too, was 3.5 when he had his first seizure and clustered also, so taking him off of drugs is a very scarey venture, but I worry about this thing with his gums, too.

Here's hoping your pup continues on and won't ever have another seizure. Wish all the pups got that kind of a break.. :)
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Re: Temporal Lobe Rage Seizures. 18 month remission.

Post by truckerspeed » Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:43 pm

Just a quick update on Gwen😈

So she's still on the PB and has continued to be seizure free. Not a single breakthrough😎

Hopefully this can encourage anybody out there dealing with "rage syndrome" or "springer rage" since all the vets we originally talked to were less than encouraging about being able to safely control the seizures.

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Re: Temporal Lobe Rage Seizures. 18 month remission.

Post by SpencerBhumi » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:52 am

Thanks truckerspeed, for this update (especially after such a long break).

Yes, it is good to read positive stories amongst the many others here.

Wishing you ongoing good health for Gwen.


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