Coconut oil is great for skin issues and...Fleas? ticks?

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Coconut oil is great for skin issues and...Fleas? ticks?

Post by Lovelight » Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:13 pm

An interesting thing I found regarding natural remedies for fleas, those pesky things. Coconut oil and it is safe for dogs. Has to be the kind that is organic, cold pressed, unrefined and a solid and one that can be ingested and used for cosmetic/skin. I've been using Vita Coco coconut oil and I got it for 8 bucks at Walmart. It has been heaven sent.

Butter had been chewing her hind legs and tail, and licking a lot there, barking at her tail, obsessed with it she was. She had a couple hot spots in those two areas and I wanted something natural to use on her skin and fur- also that if she licked it that it was safe to consume. Somewhere I read online that coconut oil is said to repel fleas and ticks and that it wa really good for skin issues, so I researched more then tried it. Additionally, we had not seen Butter's neurologist yet and I didn't want to give her anything that might hurt her. I tried DE (diatomaceous ?sp Earth and that just made her fur icky and dry. Vet's Best only worked if I found a flea and sprayed it directly on it. It did kill on contact, but it was not working beyond a few hours if I just sprayed her body with it and worked it in. Butter is so miserable if she has fleas. OMG it's terrible.

I've been using the coconut oil on Butter for a month or so. You use a little, rub it in your hands so it turns into a liquid, then work that into your pet's fur and them comb through (don't have to use flea comb). I then put some on her belly, under legs, pads of feet, between legs, really all over. Makes everywhere all soft, smells nice. Since I have used this on her, there is no more chewing, no barking at her hind legs and tail, no sitting and barking while trying to chase her tail, nothing. Hot spots healed and she doesn't lick them. I have not seen a flea since. Even paw grooming is not obsessive anymore. After I put it on her, she actually gets very calm and she loves the gentle slow rub down. I use it every other day or every three days.

When we saw her neurologist on Monday, she commented how soft her fur and skin is. She checked for fleas, she has none. I told her what I've been using on her and why, and she said use whatever works. She was not opposed to me using it at all. I told her I used it in place temporarily until we could ask her what to use. She did say that I could use Advantix II as it was what she used before or Advantage II, to wait a few weeks and try just one and let her know what happens. She said any reaction would be within 24 hours of application (for the Advantix II). She said Butter should be ok with it since she's had Advantix II before without issue. She also said if I wanted to continue to use the coconut oil I could but to still use either Advantix II or Advantage II.

Anyone out there who has a chemically sensitive dog and cannot have topicals or is afraid to use them, try coconut oil. I am still using this on her. I love it, so does Butter.

Here is the one I buy: ... /177164008

Of course, you can search other brands, as long as you find one that is:
cold pressed
100% organic, virgin coconut oil

Do not use coconut oil that is just for cooking (those are usually clear and liquid I think). That stuff is not organic, and it is refined, not cold pressed either.

Anyway, I thought this was a good thing to share.

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Re: Coconut oil is great for skin issues and...Fleas? ticks?

Post by ShilohsMom » Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:10 am

I melt coconut oil and put it in my dogs food, they love it! It's supposed to have a lot of health benefits too.
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Re: Coconut oil is great for skin issues and...Fleas? ticks?

Post by Lovelight » Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:27 pm

It sure does :) As picky as Butter can be, I tried it in her food, and nope, not eating it, but she will lick it. LOL

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Re: Coconut oil is great for skin issues and...Fleas? ticks?

Post by Lovelight » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:40 pm

Just a little update, now that there is warmer weather outside and fleas are definitely out. I found fleas on our cats who do not get the coconut oil, and their coats are too thick and fine to even try to coconut oil (if they can have it that is). We still have not found a topical that works for them yet.

Buttercup on the other hand has NO FLEAS since three months now. She's been outside twice a day, every day (providing it isn't raining) but it does nothing to deter ticks. Regardless, I am going to keep using it on her as I have been (every other day or every three days). Her skin and coat are both so soft and her skin is in great condition. She also had discolored skin under her leg pits, stomach and groin though she gets baths as needed. Since using the coconut oil, those areas are almost all pink.

For those looking for a natural product for their dog, you may want to try VitaCoco Coconut oil-> cold pressed, unrefined, certified and organic virgin coconut oil, 8 bucks at Walmart.

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Re: Coconut oil is great for skin issues and...Fleas? ticks?

Post by KMarg » Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:22 pm

Thanks for this information. Fleas are thick right now and I do not want to put any chemical on or in my dog at this point. He has had a really tough month. I am going to try this because he does have a couple hot spots.

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Re: Coconut oil is great for skin issues and...Fleas? ticks?

Post by AbbyandSam » Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:24 am

I've been hearing and reading about coconut oil for a while and can say it has a great effect on human skin as well as it's a great flea and tick repellent. However, it may be harmful to the pet itself. Cats are definitely should stay away of it, as for the dogs, well, you may add it in food as an extra, but it's not guaranteed that your pet would digest it right. Maybe look for an alternative, like the ones mentioned on pestcontrolhacks, there are other oils which are safer for pets and are flea repellents too, like lavender, for example.

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