Increase in meds - again

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Increase in meds - again

Post by CooperDuke » Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:11 pm

This was a tough week for Cooper, last weekend he had 4 grand mal seizures in 10 hours. Generally if he clusters it's within 1/2 hour of the previous one. After each seizure he's given recovery meds. This time, it was hours between each, until the last one which came only one hour following the third, thats when I took him to the ER. They kept him there for about 48 hours, thank goodness no seizures so they didn't have to administer any more drugs.

We saw his neurologist a few months ago and decided to maintain his quality of life vs increasing his meds every time he had a seizure, his system is extremely sensitive and soon after adjusting to the new dosage he starts having seizures again every few weeks. His meds are just kicking his poor butt, moving much slower, less energy and loss of muscle mass. Because of the most recent cluster we did increase his keppra again. He is now taking a mixture of 18 pills a day. I'm so lucky he is such a trooper in taking his meds. Just a little canned pumpkin helps the medicine go down.

He was extremely groggy the first few days from the anti anxiety meds they gave him at the hospital but is back to his sassy self. He likes to try and sneak my shoes outside :). Just had to share he's hanging in there even though it's tough. thanks for listening.


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Re: Increase in meds - again

Post by ShilohsMom » Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:46 pm

Hi Karen,

I'm sorry that Cooper had such a rough go of it. It's so stinkin hard to watch them go through it and feel helpless wishing that we could wave a wand and make it better. They are so resilient. It's helpful when they're willing to take their meds. Shiloh was great about taking his and can't imagine trying to coax a dog into taking that many pills each day that didn't want to take them. My daughters dog had ruptured a disc in his neck last year and I took care of him. He had to take meds three times a day and it was a struggle, made harder in the fact that I was supposed to be careful with his neck movements. Made me appeciate Shiloh's willingness.

Hope that Coopers new regimen will be just what he needs.
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Re: Increase in meds - again

Post by Gentle Jacob's mom » Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:51 am

One of the most frustrating things about this disease is when you think you've finally found the right combination of things and the next minute it all changes. For over 11 years we been back and forth with everything, and tweaked meds so many times. But Jake has always been considered refractory. Then all of a sudden three months ago he suddenly started making it 1 month between seizures. Good news right? Nope. Now he's clustering again. So we've revamped what we do when he has a seizure and holding our breath for the next one.
Jake was always great about taking his meds until he finally got fed up a couple of years ago and now we have to make sure he doesn't spit his pills out behind our backs. I make homemade pill pockets out of peanut butter, rice flour, almond milk and honey. He loves them, but every once in a awhile he still figures out how to spit his pill out. I can't blame him for being tired of the pills though.

I really hope the Keppra works and things get back under control for Cooper again.


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Still increasing meds

Post by CooperDuke » Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:56 am

Seems every year Cooper's meds need to be increased, yep we are up to 18 pills/day. He is such a champ at taking the meds, all he needs is it dipped in pumpkin or the small ones wrapped in canned food. I just sing to him now from the Mary Poppins movie "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" I change the word "sugar" to "pumpkin". :) Even with all the meds, his demeanor is just one happy boy!

About a month ago he went into his fourth seizure within 24 hours so we went to the ER to get them under control. His new neurologist is trying a new cluster buster, clorazepate rather than diazapam, which seemed to stop working at stopping his seizures. He gets 2 tablets every eight hours after the first seizure for 3 days. If he has another with the clorazepate, he is also given a regular keppra (not the time released) with the clorzapate. We are on "seizure watch" right now, so I will keep you posted on how this works for him. He has seizures about every 4 weeks and according to his journal he is due. We also go in for a blood check to make sure his liver is still at normal levels with the increase in phenobarb.


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Re: Increase in meds - again

Post by SpencerBhumi » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:31 pm

Hi Karen,

I was always disappointed when we got to that next stage and needed to increase (or add to) the medications. I lived with a low grade constant anxiety just waiting for that next seizure and was saddened to see Spencer so drugged up after a cluster (we used Valium & Keppra after any fit and generally avoided clusters).

But there were so many good days when the ol’ Spencer would come out and play, steal food from the counter, look to go for a walk with us and come to us with slobbery kisses wanting cuddles. The faithful loving puppy within was always there, just sometimes subdued by all the medication. Fortunately for us Spencer never stole our shoes. And fortunately for both you an me, getting the tablets down was never a problem. I spent many years making home-made preservative-free bread for their twice daily peanut paste+medicine ‘high-tea’. One day we had no bread so I put the tablets in with their dry food and hoped for the best – the food & the tablets were vacuumed clean, every meal from then on.

I hope your new regimen works well in combating clusters. I came to appreciate that a couple of days of being a bit more sedated was better than any fit.

Are you using Milk Thistle to support the liver? We found it helped keep the liver reasonably healthy.

Good luck with your current seizure watch. I will keep you in my prayers.


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