Pomerain has had 3 seizures, need advise

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Pomerain has had 3 seizures, need advise

Post by mariemorris » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:23 am

My 7 year old Pom has had 3 seizures over the past year and a half and don't know why. He wasn't on any new meds, no new food, no stress. Took him to the vet who gave me valium tablets in case he has another seizure. Now how can I get a valium in his mouth when he's having a seizure? Do they want me to give him one a day for the rest of his life. No indication from them at all as to how to use this med. Just says "give very 89 hours as needed."

He's not having seizures on a regular basis so how do I know when or if to give him his Valium?

Asked vet and no reasonable response. Just "as needed."

Is there a test for epilepsy in dogs? My vet is clueless.

Any assist appreciated.


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Re: Pomerain has had 3 seizures, need advise

Post by Gentle Jacob's mom » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:10 am

Is it possible to get a second opinion? Unfortunately there isn't a test for epilepsy. Basically they eliminate all other possibilities with blood work for toxins and some people get an MRI to rule out a brain tumor.
Your vet needs to sit down down and explain the dosing and if he/she won't or can't, if you can, find another vet.
In the meantime if he has another seizure you can give the Valium tablet after the seizure in some ice cream.


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Re: Pomerain has had 3 seizures, need advise

Post by ShilohsMom » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:22 am

Hi Marie,

Well, I have to admit when I read your post my mouth dropped in disbelief. Are you able to find a different vet? I'm honestly appalled by their response. First, do NOT try to get pills in your dog when they're seizing, you'll end up losing at least one finger. Valium can sometimes stop a seizure but that's going to come from either a vets office administering an IV during the seizure or getting a suppository from a pharmacy so you can administer at home during the seizure. Giving tablets afterwards can help another seizure not to occur just won't help shorten or stop an existing one. Here's a link that might be helpful http://www.canine-epilepsy-guardian-ang ... valium.htm
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Re: Pomerain has had 3 seizures, need advise

Post by Lovelight » Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:29 am

I think too it would be wise to find another vet or at least a neurologist who has experience with dogs with seizures, even though yours has had so few in a year, it is still concerning of course. I cannot believe they would give you a med and barely explain, that boggles my mind. As needed would suggest to me that after a seizure, give one pill and it wouldn't be on daily basis. It is the 89 hours that is confusing- perhaps that means not to give another for at least 89 hours after last dose?? I mean, that is like 3 and some odd decimal days...it is such an odd and convoluted direction.

Shiloh's mom is right, you would have to wait to give a pill in their mouth if they are seizing, their jaws are very strong and they have no control over opening or closing, clenching their jaw during seizures plus they cannot swallow when seizing. You don't want him to aspirate or inhale the pill and it go into his lungs, that is a big problem and can cause pneumonia. Giving a pill in ice cream after a seizure (once they are awake) is a great idea, for the ice cream will help their glucose level rise quickly as it drops dramatically after seizures, or so I have learned and dogs love ice cream. Make sure it is natural vanilla though without preservatives or additives.

You may want to have some Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for Pets, which you can find at Wallmart in the shampoo, flea/tick, supplements, puppy pads section. I gave mine a few drops in her mouth by my finger and it helped her calm after seizures throughout her illness. She would sometimes lick it off my finger. I always had some on hand.

To test regarding seizures, there is no test per se, but they do blood levels - a complete panel to check to see if there is something off there that could contribute to seizures, check for toxins if that panel is ordered. If nothing is off, they might suggest an MRI and CSF (spinal tap) which is pricey, but does identify if there is any reason for seizures. MRI/CSF is usually done together while they are already sedated, and if the MRI is clear of any tumors, they will do a CSF too. It is usually a pretty expensive test, but it can be helpful.

Good luck with your dog, let us know how he's doing.

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