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Meadows Mama
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Newbie with questions

Post by Meadows Mama » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:46 am

Hi Everyone! I am Meadows Mama and am new to this forum.

Meadow is my 5 yr old Golden Retriever. She is just a love and I am desperate to help her any way I can. She has been suffering with idiopathic epilepsy (grand mals) for almost three years now. I keep a journal of every seizure she has had in the hope of at least being able to identify the triggers. Two common themes I am noticing are extreme temperature changes or times of stress in the household (I swear she is a little empath). Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what have you tried?

Meadow is currently taking 250mg zonisimide and 95mg pheno both 2x a day and still has grand mals approx every 30-60 days. Sometimes she will have two within a 24 hr period. Every one she has is just as heart wrenching to witness as the last. It breaks my heart that I can’t stop this from happening.

I stumbled across this forum while searching for information on CBDs. I have talked with my vet about it, but it just amazes me there are no published studies on the efficacy for use in canines. There is a part of me that hates to keep giving her these chemicals, and would like to explore something more natural (but effective).

I would love to hear if any of you have tried CBDs with any degree of success or if you can point me in a direction of published studies.

I appreciate any info you can share.


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Re: Newbie with questions

Post by Box40Rin » Sat Jan 20, 2018 8:43 am

Good morning,

I thought I answered you earlier this week but evidently didn't hit the right button.
In human medicine there are cases of an aura before a seizure sometimes due to barometric fluctuations and/or stress. I think this is what you are experiencing with Meadow.
Sorry I don't have any knowledge about CBDs. Perhaps a naturopath could answer your questions.

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Re: Newbie with questions

Post by dsn3a » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:46 am

I have noticed that sometimes when a cold front moves in, that coincides with my dog's seizures...I think it is a factor.
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Gentle Jacob's mom
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Re: Newbie with questions

Post by Gentle Jacob's mom » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:49 am

We'd were looking into CBD oil when Jake died. What we found was that while there is a lot of information about CBD oils, when it comes to dogs the problem is with dosing. There are a few people here that have tried and it worked fairly well for two and the others it didn't help at all.
I think the main reason there hasn't been a strong trial study is that there are different strains of the oil and funds are very limited for canine studies for one. I do know they're trying to get to that point and some do think this could be a turning point, but so far what I've read it seems as though it will fall into the "it helps some and not other" category.
If you have the money and your vet can oversee the dosing it's definitely worth a try.
For stress you could try Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Just a few drops. We eventually worked with a homeopath and came up with a specific tincture for Jake that worked very well for him during thunderstorms and stressful times. If you're interested I can post what we combined for him or you can email me and you could check with your vet or a homeopath to see if it would be a good match for Meadow. Of course the trick is to administer it before the storm. We were very used to keeping on top of storm patterns and full moons.

I hope this helps.

Meadows Mama
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Re: Newbie with questions

Post by Meadows Mama » Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:38 pm

Thanks for your replies!

Lynne, I would be very interested in knowing specifically which tincture you used. From what I researched, it seems that because there is really no regulation in this area one can claim to be a CBD oil with only a small percentage of it being a true CBD oil vs being mostly a filler (olive oil or almond oil). This could be the explanation behind why some have worked and others have not (merely a guess on my part).
In the meantime, I have finally found a University that is conducting a study in this area. I am not sure when it started, but there is a DVM at Colorado University by the name of Dr. Stephanie McGraph. I am not sure how long these studies last. I am hoping the findings are more consistent in a controlled study.

I have heard of the Rescue Remedy, as well. Where might I find that? It is certainly worth a try.

Thanks again!

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Re: Newbie with questions

Post by ShilohsMom » Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:30 am

Hi Meadows Mom.

Lynne is having trouble posting and asked me to post her reply. The links won't work because I cut and pasted her reply but you should be able to get to them by typing in the search bar. Here's what she said:

I apologize for not posting sooner but since they updated the website I'm not able to post. I've contacted them and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Here is the formula we used for Jake. The first 6 ingredients are only available through one source that I know of.

Coffea Cruda Liquid Dilution 7C 15ml bottle
Tarentula Hispanica Liquid Dilution 7C 15ml bottle
Chamomilla Liquid Dilution 6C 15ml bottle
Cina Liquid Dilution 6C 15ml bottle
Zincum Valerianicum Liquid Dilution 13X 15ml bottle
Passiflora Incarnata Liquid Dilution 4X 15ml bottle

I filled a 1ml needless syringe to 1.7ml for each ingredient and added to a 1oz cobalt blue or brown glass dropper bottle.
Add 12 drops of Bach Flower Rock Rose
Then fill with distilled water.

We gave Jake a dropper full anytime we thought he'd be stressed from life in general, weather/storms or during a full moon. We also used it as part of his post seizure protocol, or if we were going on a road trip. It really worked for him.

Rock Rose is available at Whole Foods or I get ours from
You can also get Rescue Remedy from them.

You can talk to your vet about this and if you're not already giving it it would also be good for Meadow to take Milk Thistle for liver support since she's taking Pb.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions let me know. Hopefully I'll be able to post again by then.

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Re: Newbie with questions

Post by jocasey » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:07 pm

I'm brand new at this as well - this is my first post. My shepherd mix also started seizing about 6 months after I got him as a rescue, at 5 years old.

The first seizure seemed like a one off, but Riley has ramped up to weekend clusters about every 4 to 6 weeks since November 2017 to present.

We started extended release levetiracetam, 1.5, 500mg pills, twice a day and are up to 4 pills twice a day (4000mg a day - I have to hide the pills in velveeta). I have learned NOT to crush the pills and how to sleep with my ears opened on those cluster days. I found an app from the Royal Veterinary College in London, which helps to keep track of seizures (though I can think of a few improvements). We have not leveled off yet.

I have tried CBD oil, up to 300mgs twice a day. But while I have heard great stories for everyone else, it does not seem to work for us. I thought for a time that maybe it was working, but I really think that it was wishful thinking. I would like to see a more standardized way to give CBD and I wish that the Feds would back off this research. I suspect that CBD can be VERY helpful for some. I just think that Riley needs very LARGE doses. I do still give it to him as after care hoping it helps. He does not like to taste it so I have to give it in food.

Riley has very violent seizures. Lots of foaming saliva and thrashing and slamming into the floor. He looses control of his bladder and staggers around drunkenly as he is recovering. He becomes clingy, often very hungry, and active - circling and checking everything in the house. The most he's had in a cluster is about 8 (I'm never sure if I miss any) over 3 days.

But this last time he had a moment where he did NOT know me as he was coming out of the seizure. He was scared of me - which is a first! Within 10 mins he'd crashed to the floor again for another full seizure. And then he responded "normally". We had 4 more over 3 days... not the worst, but not great (obviously).

I have managed to get video of some of the seizures, though never the starts - I've only ever seen 2 start and one of those I didn't have my glasses again. He seems to start yawning and then grimacing, almost as if there is something in the back of this throat, which shows his teeth, but not in a menacing way.

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