How much risk by this mating

This is the main focus of the research underway by the Canine Epilepsy Research Consortium. Some of your questions may not have clear answers at this time, but ask them anyway!

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How much risk by this mating

Post by vanessa » Tue Feb 26, 2002 1:25 pm

I would like to know how much risk is there if a mating took place between 2 healthy dog (Labradors) where none of the dog have epilepsy themselves 4 generation but the great grandfather one the one side has 3 puppies from 135 living offspring. and on the otherside a studdog is that has produced some puppies that have produced a few epilepsy cases under about 120 puppies. Is there a breeding line that has no Epilepsy ?
I am looking forward to your answer.

Ned Patterson DVM
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Post by Ned Patterson DVM » Mon Mar 04, 2002 9:40 am


I would love to be able to give you concrete answers, but we don't have them yet and that is why we are doing our research. Once we have identified markers and genes for epilepsy in various breeds the test should give you good answers. The first thing we try to figure out for each breed what the mode of inheritance of epilepsy is - One paper out of Switzerland suggests that it is polygenic (a number of genes) for Labrador Retrievers. If this is proven in the future then your situation would be similar to a hip dysplasia situation in which two distantly related dogs had produced some affected dogs. I do not recommend breeding affected dogs and beiing very cautious for dogs with affected first degree relatives (parents, offspring, siblings). If epilepsy is truly polygenic in labs and these two dogs are the only two related dogs that are known to have produced epilepsy or have epilepsy then the risk of the mating producing epilepsy is probably pretty low but not 0%.

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Post by Mica » Thu Apr 17, 2003 1:58 am

I am not qualified in any medical way, but I can tell you about my experience. I did a similar mating (not because I knew about the epilepsy though, I only found out about the epilepsy after my bitch had been mated) And out of a litter of 13 labradors, one is severely affected by epilepsy, to me this is one dog too many and there is NO WAY I would ever advise breeding if there is known epliepsy in the lines of either side, as no one is 100% sure of the genetics are they? I know it's supposed to be polygenic, but I wouldn't take the risk. I was absolutley devastated for the family that had purchased the affected puppy from me, of course I did all the right things.. offered a replacement puppy etc, all I can do is to stand by them and offer what assistance I can.

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