Vet Select Seizure Formula

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Have you tested the product: Vet Select Seizure Formula

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Vet Select Seizure Formula

Post by jank » Mon May 16, 2005 6:38 pm

I have an 15 month old Alsakan Malamute male, that had his first seizure in nov. last year. From nov. 04 and up to now, he has had 4 large seizuers 2.5 min. in avr.

A month ago, I discovered a product called 'Vet Select Seizure Formula' from

I have purchaced enough for six month's treatment, and did start this treatment three weeks ago, when I recived the product.

This product i according to the manufactor, a product with no side effects, but with variuos results.

Does anyone have any experience with this product, good or bad?

Best regards

Jan Kvalbein, Norway

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Successfully period with Vet Select Seizure (VSS)

Post by jank » Tue May 24, 2005 6:39 am

I'm happy, my dog is happy, because of:....

last Thursday my dog experienced a small/light seizure. The seizure lasted for aprox. 10 seconds. It look like he just stare out in no-where while the seizure lasted. I did not get any response form him, during this period.

Afterwards he experienced a longer period of happynes, just as he used to do, after the prevoius 4 Grand Mal Seizures.

This is the first seizure, that is not classified as Grand Mal seizure.

I believe (for now) this change in seizure, is because of VSS.

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Vet Select

Post by Chambie » Mon Nov 28, 2005 8:33 am

I was thinking of trying this product and I was wondering how it is working for you?

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The amaizing formula

Post by jank » Mon Nov 28, 2005 3:40 pm

I can only speak for myself (or more exact, my dog).
When I started using VSS, I started with a dozage of 3 � 500mg in the morning, and the same dozage in the evening.

From the first dozage I managed to extend the intervall between the seizure. Before starting on the VSS, the interval was decrementing with 10 dayus between every seizure. After a period on the VSS, the interval was extended with 20 days, and it's still extending the number of days.

Since day one with VSS, I have increased the dozage with 1 � 500mg morning/evening when seizures occured. The dosage now, is at 5 � 500 morn./eveng.

When the last seizure occured, it was 122 days since the previous seizure.

Advantages of using VSS is: no known physical side effects (tested blodsample at my local vet. after 6 month of using the stuff). Extended time between seizures, not so many seizures.

Disadvantages of using VSS: Harder and longer seizures when they occurs (previous seizure did last for almost 3 min. as the first lasted only 1:43 min.). Costs a lot (but I'll continue purchasing, for a long as necessary)

My vet is impressed of the effect it has, and recomends further usage (at my own risk).

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